Annual Synod

Abbot Primate Gregory Polan, O.S.B. convoked the annual Synod of Abbots President of the Benedictine Confederation at the Archabbey of Montecassino in Italy from September 10-14, 2018. Abbot President Elias Lorenzo, O.S.B. was present to represent our own monastic Congregation. On the agenda were reports from Rector Stefano Visintin, O.S.B. (Praglia), Prior Mauritius Wilde, O.S.B. (Münsterschwarzach) and Treasurer Geraldo Gonzalez y Lima, O.S.B. (São Paolo). There was a lively discussion on an increase to the solidarity and subsidium fees paid by the nineteen monastic Congregations annually to S. Anselmo, which will begin with the new Catalogus 2020.   The synod fathers also elected three members to the Permanent Synod which acts as the council of the Abbot Primate. Elected were Abbot General Giuseppe Casetta, O.S.B form the Vallombrosian Congregation, Abbot President Guillermo Leon Arboleda Tamayo O.S.B. of the Subiaco Cassinese Congregation and Abbot President Jeremias Schröder, O.S.B. of the St. Ottilien Congregation, who was also elected as Vicar to the Abbot Primate.


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